It is important that you know what visa requirements will apply to you so that you can prepare for this well in advance. Many consulates, for instance, now require that students appear in person to apply for their visa. Some students even take these visa requirements into consideration when choosing the country where they want to go when spending a summer, semester, or year abroad.

If you need a student visa, applying for it can be an involved process that requires your careful attention. You should begin to do research about the student visa requirements for the country or countries you will be visiting and living in even before you know you have been accepted to your program.

We assist our students in the entire processing right from filling up application, preparing a financial statement, providing guidance and conducting mock interviews.


Gathering the required documentation for your student visa can take as much or more time than your study abroad application itself. We have found that most of the students find document preparation confusing. Due to lack of proper guidance students are clueless about the importance of document preparation for going to a foreign university. So, Document Guidance is our top priority.

We at Top Solutions Nepal ensure that each and every document are correct and valid. The parents and students are given clear cut idea & advice about the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the visa and co-coordinating the same. Preparation of visa applications & submission to the Embassy/ High Commission is done with utmost care.

The Top Solutions Nepal’s Document Department is designed to help students prepare their own documents and comply with court procedural requirements. We provide a good grasp of the legal and practical rules and procedures, to prepare the documents for admission, confirmation of enrollment and Visa Application. We also assist, as per the requirements, with the paperwork related to university and Visa authorities.

The Top Solutions Nepal takes the worry and anxiety out of “doing it themselves” in situations where there is a visa lodgment by the applicant. Our team acts as a helping hand and assists with paralegal suggestions to prepare the paperwork for the Application.

Bank Loan Assistance

Studying abroad in top universities can be expensive and if you are not eligible for scholarships then you can think of the option of a bank loan. Educational Loan can help you in pursuing the course of your choice in the best overseas university. With a team of expertise, students are made aware of the proceedings & given assistance in availing bank loans.

Interview Assistance

While interviews are not part of every university’s admission process, many institutions will ask students to meet online before accepting their application. We assist you in all documentation related to visa and put you through mock-interviews after understanding the kind of profile you have. We design the questions of the interview sessions appropriate to your profile. The mock interview sessions in still in you the required confidence and ease needed on the interview day and enable you to get through it smoothly.