Pre Departure Guidance
The team of Top Solutions Nepal assists students preparing for their departure after successfully receiving their visa. TSN guidance include booking air tickets with trustworthy airlines companies in advance at the best price. TSN provides detailed information to the students regarding guidance on what to include in the luggage based on the weight limit. We can arrange airport pickup for students by university staff. Our team provide guidance on accommodation based on their comfort, distance from their education institution and their budget. Some types of accommodation includes hostel, apartments and shared housing. We can help students to create bank accounts from banks of foreign countries and also recommend students on how much cash currency of their desired country to carry before leaving Nepal that will be sufficient for minimum one month of stay abroad. We can assist students for getting a driving license that is acceptable abroad.

Post Departure Guidance
Our team at Top Solutions Nepal also provide guidance on various circumstances during their stay abroad till the completion of their course. Students who wish to change their educational institutions, courses or accommodation can contact us for guidance. Students can also contact us if they wish to extend their visa or driving license. Students who face issues concerning their security, finance and academic grades can contact us without any hesitations. Students who wish to come to Nepal during the semester break can talk to us before making their decision.